Just started working on this site. Added Jekyll because hopefully I might start blogging. I hear its the what the cool kids do nowadays. If you’re reading this message chances are I still havent changed anything from just the default settings or I did change everything and forgot to remove this post. I’m hoping to do a few things here, mainly front end stuff. BTW my grammar is terrible. If I do end up doing the blog thing, I’ll have to get someone to look over my posts before I post. This might be the only post without any editing. Appreciate the real unadultered me. 😹😹😹. Anyways, the main reason for this site is actually just that I’d like to have a personal site with some project examples and a bit of info about me. This blog stuff is just because it was easy and maybe I’ll get into it. We’ll see….

For now:

def print_hello(name)
  puts "Hello, #{name}"
#=> prints 'Hello, Everyone' to STDOUT.

^^ credits due to the Jekyll welcome post. 😹